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If you’ve tried exercise machines or don't fancy doing another aerobics class, you might want to consider putting a kick into your exercise routine with a martial arts class.
Besides being fun, the benefits of martial arts training are tremendous; they include increased energy, self-confidence, mental capacity, as well as strength and stamina.
They are no slouch in the calorie and fat-burning department either, using as many as 800 calories per class!
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Our Classes  consist of i a specific warm up,Pad kicking /striking. Conditioning and Stretching exercises whilst learning Self Defence  and TaeKwon-Do techniques and having fun!


Many People begin their martial arts training

as a way to learn how to protect themselves against hostile aggressor.

Our structured classes give people off all abilities the means to either avoid - or if necessary defeat an attacker.


Starting with the basic grabs & pushes and, as your ability grows, working through to the more advanced attacks you will learn how to effectively handle all the ‘Habitual acts Of Violence’ that you may face in a real life confrontation.

We aim to ensure that by the time they reach Black Belt, all our students can feel confident in their ability to defend themselves & their families.

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